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January 2022 - Welcome Back!

Happy New Year!

I hope that you and your families were able to enjoy time together over the holiday, and that your children are able to return to school on Tuesday morning.

The precautions that were in place before the break remain, and we are determined to keep school open for all of our children.  Unfortunately, not all our staff will be available to work next week, but we will ensure that all classes will be taught by a familiar adult.  We will only close a class if there is no reasonable alternative, and we will give as much notice as possible, although it may well be very last minute – apologies in advance.  In case of whole class closure, we will revert to remote learning. A weekly ‘Sway’ will be in place for those children who are self-isolating with links to online learning activities, and families will be able to arrange daily collections of paper copies of work.

Our staff (now including those who previously tested positive within 90 days) will continue to do lateral flow tests twice weekly or if they experience symptoms.

We may well have a few difficult weeks ahead, but I am confident that, together, we will grow ever stronger!

In school:



Possible disruption

Breakfast Club


Staff changes

Doors open


Staff changes


8.55am – 3.15pm

Staff and timetable changes


Varies 11.30 – 1.30

Staff and time changes

End of day procedure


Staff changes

After school club

3.15 – 4.15pm

Staff and activity changes

Coffee morning



Frenchwood Tots

Wednesday 12th Jan 1.30pm

Limited – booking only


Ways that you can help:

What you can do


Keep children at home if they show symptoms

Any child showing symptoms will be removed from class and remain isolated until collected

Keep children at home if their parents and/or siblings test positive

It is often difficult to get an accurate lateral flow test from a primary age child, and our experience shows that most infections occur at home. We need to protect staff from infection as much as possible so that classes can remain open.

Arrive at school before 8.55am

We do not have spare staff to deal with latecomers.

If you arrive late, remain with your child until they are passed to a member of staff

Doors are locked and due to reduced staffing we may not know immediately that your child has arrived. They must be directly handed to a member of staff to ensure that they are safe.

If your child is absent, please ring the school and leave a clear message on the answerphone (01772 253244 – option 1) giving their name, class and reason for absence.

If your child is not in school, and you have not let us know, we will ring all contacts until we have a response.  If there is no response we need to make a house call.  This puts unnecessary burden on our limited staff resources.

Check that your emergency contact list is up to date, and that the contact is able to collect your child if we ask them to.


Please consider adding more contacts to your list, especially as some of your friends/family may not be able to help due to self-isolating themselves

Please ensure that your contacts understand that by agreeing to be an emergency contact, they may be asked to collect your child from school if we are unable to contact you.  If we are unable to contact someone, your child may remain in school unwell and in isolation for an extended period, which is upsetting for them.




If you have any comments, concerns or questions, please click the following link – Click here