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September 2020 - Back to school!

Keeping safe at Frenchwood

Frequently asked questions

Q: If my child has a temperature, can I bring them into school? 

A: No. You must keep them at home and ring school as soon as possible, on 01772 253244, Option 1. Leave a message giving your child’s name, class and why they are absent.  

Q: What will happen if my child becomes ill in school? 

A: They will be taken to our medical room at once. We will call you and ask you to collect them as soon as possible. We will keep them safely away from others until you or your family member arrives. You will be asked to take them for a test. We can help you to arrange this.  

Q: Will a teacher or the head teacher test my child for COVID-19? 

A: Absolutely not! NEVER  

Q: I have heard that head teachers have the right to remove my child from my care and give them a test without my permission. Is this true? 

A: This is false – fake news. It goes against human rights, UK law and certainly does not fit with our school values! When we have enough to worry about, it is shameful that some people would choose to share such harmful nonsense. 

Q: I have seen a video that says that the Coronavirus Act gives head teachers the authority to take children from their parents and put them into quarantine in a secret location.  Is this true? 

A: No.  This is another horrible, frightening social media hoax.  The people who create and share this kind of material should be ashamed of themselves. We have plenty of real things to worry about, and this is pure wickedness. 

Q: Do I have to bring my child to school? 

A: All children are expected to attend school as usual unless they are ill or have been advised to self-isolate by Track and Trace.   

Q: Will children be expected to wear face coverings? 

A: No. Children will not be allowed to wear masks at Frenchwood. Only adults and young people over the age of 12 years are expected to wear masks in public, enclosed spaces in England. The risk of spreading the virus through incorrect handling of face coverings is significantly greater for children than if they do not wear one.  

Q: Are adults wearing face coverings in school? 

A: Yes, in certain circumstances. Those staff who may have contact with anyone beyond their phase group will wear face coverings. This includes the Headteacher, SENDCo, Learning Mentor and our Office and Site Teams as these members of staff are expected to work across all phases of our school. Adults in school will remain in their area throughout the day, but if they need to cross into another phase area, they will be wearing face coverings. Face coverings will not be used in classrooms as this is a significant barrier for communication. 

Q: Will visors be worn in school? 

A: Yes, in certain circumstances. At lunchtimes, our supervisors will wear face shield, as will staff when they are working 1:1 or in close proximity to children.  

Q: At home time will the children be let out at the usual time or will the times be staggered for each year group? 

A: This is really the trickiest time of the day, and we really need everyone in the school community to be as thoughtful and patient as possible.  Please follow the link to get details about when and where to pick up your child. 

Go with the flow - being safer at the end of the school day

Q: Are hot meals being served in school? 

A: Yes.  All the children are now getting a hot meal in the canteen, following all government guidelines. 

Q: Will staff be able to administer medication if required? 

A: Yes, as long as the request form is completed in line with our policy.  Staff will wear a visor when very close to children, and they are likely to be if applying cream or giving medicine.  The usual hygiene expectations will be in place. 

Q: Will staff be able to change nappies or help a child if they have had an accident? 

A: Yes, in line with our personal care policy.  The usual hygiene expectations will be in place, with the addition of a visor. 

Q: Should my child bring in their PE kit? 

A: No.  They should come to school dressed in a white t-shirt and black shorts/joggers/sports leggings on their PE day.

Q: Will there be assemblies? 

A: We are replacing assemblies with ‘Thought for the Day’, which will have a similar content, but be conducted remotely via MS Teams.  This allows us to consolidate our school values, see our school family, whilst remaining safer in our spacious classrooms. 

Q: What happens if my child has COVID symptoms, but has a negative test? 

A: We realise that there may be other reasons for having COVID-219 symptoms – a common cold, another virus, tonsillitis.  If your child is ill at home or school with a temperature or constant cough, they will need to have a test.  If they are negative for coronavirus, they may return to school as soon as they feel well enough to do so. 

Q: Will the flu vaccine be administered by school nurses this year? 

A: As far as we understand, school nurses will undertake the usual tasks, such as vaccination.  As health professionals, they are well versed in safer working practices. 

Q: Do I need to wear a face covering? 

A: Yes, if you enter the school building.  We cannot insist that adults wear face coverings when dropping off children, but know that many in our community will see it as a courtesy.  We do appreciate that some people may struggle to wear a mask due to health reasons.