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Autumn 2 - Celebrating difference

Autumn 2 – Celebrating Difference


In this half term, children are encouraged to think about things that they are good at whilst understanding that everyone is good at different things. They talk about being different and how that makes everyone special but also recognising that we are the same in some ways. The children talk about their homes and are asked to explain why it is special to them. They talk about friendship and how to be a kind friend and how to stand up for themselves if someone says or does something unkind to them.

Key Vocabulary

Different, Special, Proud, Friends, Kind, Same, Similar, Happy, Sad, Frightened, Angry, Family.


In this half term the class talk about gender stereotypes, that boys and girls can have differences and similarities and that is OK. They talk about children being bullied because they are different, that this shouldn’t happen and how to support a classmate who is being bullied. The children talk about feelings associated with bullying and how and where to get help. They talk about similarities and differences and that it is OK for friends to have differences without it affecting their friendship. the class talk about the similarities and differences between people and that these make us unique and special. The children also talk about being nice to and looking after other children you think might be being bullied.

Key Vocabulary

Boys, Girls, Similarities, Assumptions, Shield, Stereotypes, Special, Differences, Bully, Purpose, Kind, Unkind, Feelings, Sad, Lonely, Help, Stand up for, Male, Female, Diversity, Fairness, Kindness, Friends, Unique, Value, Similarity, Same as, Different from, Difference, Bullying, Bullying behaviour, Deliberate, On purpose, Unfair, Included, Bullied, Celebrations,


In this half term, the class learn about families, that they are all different and that sometimes they fall out with each other. They also talk about judging people by their appearance, first impressions and what influences their thinking on what is normal. The children talk about techniques to calm themselves down and discuss a technique called ‘solve it together.’ The children revisit the topic of bullying and talk about being a witness (bystander), they took about how a witness has choices and how these choices can affect the bullying that is taking place. They discuss the pressures of being a witness and why some people choose to join in or choose to not tell anyone about what they have seen. The children also talk about using problem-solving techniques in bullying situations. They talk about name-calling and choosing not to use hurtful words. They also talk about giving and receiving compliments and the feelings associated with this. They talk about online bullying and what to do if they suspect or know that it is taking place. The children talk about their own uniqueness and what is special about themselves. They talk about first impressions and when their own first impressions of someone have changed.

Key Vocabulary

Family, Loving, Caring, Safe, Connected, Difference, Special, Conflict, Solve It Together, Solutions, Resolve, Witness, Bystander, Bullying, Gay, Unkind, Feelings, Tell, Consequences, Hurtful, Compliment, Unique, Character, Assumption, Judgement, Surprised, Different, Appearance, Accept, Influence, Opinion, Attitude, Bullying, Friend, Secret, Deliberate, On purpose, Bully, Problem solve, Cyber bullying, Text message, Website, Troll, Special, Unique, Physical features, Impression, Changed.

Year  5

In this half term the class explore culture and cultural differences. They link this to racism, talking about what it is and how to be aware of their own feelings towards people from different cultures. They revisit the topic of bullying and discuss rumour spreading and name-calling. The children talk about direct and indirect bullying as well as ways to encourage children to not using bullying behaviours. The class talk about happiness regardless of material wealth and respecting other people’s cultures.

Key Vocabulary

Conflict, Difference, Similarity, Belong, Culture Wheel, Racism, Colour, Race, Discrimination, Ribbon, Bullying, Rumour, Name-calling, Racist, Homophobic, Cyber bullying, Texting, Problem solving, Indirect, Direct, Happiness, Developing World, Celebration, Artefacts, Display, Presentation.

Year 6

In this half term the class talk about differences and similarities and that for some people, being different is hard. The children talk about bullying and how people can have power over others in a group. They talk about strategies for dealing with this as well as wider bullying issues. The class talk about people with disabilities and look at specific examples of disabled people who have amazing lives and achievements.

Key Vocabulary

Normal, Ability, Disability, Visual impairment, Empathy, Perception, Medication, Vision, Blind, Male, Female, Diversity, Transgender, Gender Diversity, Courage, Fairness, Rights, Responsibilities, Power, Struggle, Imbalance, Harassment, Bullying, Bullying behaviour, Direct, Indirect, Argument, Recipient, Para-Olympian, Achievement, Accolade, Perseverance, Sport, Admiration, Stamina, Celebration, Conflict.