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Welcome to Owls.

Mrs Bidwell is the class teacher and Mrs Bapu is the class teaching assistant. 




In English this term, we have been reading the ancient, epic legend of Beowulf. We have been exploring the vocabulary and wrote our own 'Call to Arms' speeches imagining that we were Beowulf. 

We also analysed the fight scene between Beowulf and Grendel and used this to plan and write our own versions of a fight scene using lots of powerful verbs, alliteration and repetition - just like Michael Morpurgo.

Guided Reading

This term we have been learning about Michael Morpurgo and retrieving information from the text.

We also listened to the lyrics of Pompeii by Bastille and explored the language of the lyrics, reading the verses to put the words in context. It was a very catchy song!


This term we have been focussing on Place Value and identifying the value of different digits. We have also explored negative numbers using a number line to ensure we counted through zero. 

We then moved onto mental strategies for addition and subtraction including mental compensation.

Theme - Anglo-Saxons

We have been discovering who the Anglo-Saxons were, where they came from and why they came to Britain. We explored some of the sources that were found on an archeological site called Sutton Hoo. We worked in small groups to ask and answer questions about the sources which led us to draw some conclusions about the type of person who may have been buried on the boat. 

We learnt that historians have to look closely at the sources and use tentative language such as maybe, possibly and perhaps.


Clitheroe Castle Trip

As part of our topic on Anglo-Saxons, we visited a castle from the medieval times. We took part in some scientific activities such as using catapults, firing arrows in archery, sword handling and bridge building. We had great fun at the castle. We also had some free time to play on the park with our friends as well as squeezing in a trip to the museum next to the castle.

Fun at Clitheroe Castle