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Frenchwood Community Primary School

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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school.

Head Teacher: Mrs Cathryn Antwis

Deputy Head Teacher: Mr Steve McLoughlin

Assistant Headteacher: Mr Thomas O'Beirne

S.E.N.D.C.O: Mrs Susan Wilkinson

Learning Mentor: Mrs Susan Watson


School Administrator Team

Office Manager: Mrs Hamida Patel

Office Assistants: Mrs Rizwana Amla- Bux & Mrs Lisa Robinson


Additional Teaching Provision to support Covid Recovery

Teacher: Mr Steven McLoughlin

Teacher: Mrs Shirley Farnworth

Teacher: Miss Lindsay McQueen



Phase Leader: Mrs Christine Swindells


Ducklings Class:

Teacher: Mrs Christine Swindells

Support Staff: Mrs Farida Patel


Cygnets Class:

Teacher: Mrs Patricia Haley

Support Staff: Mrs Shameem Mohammed


KS1 Team

Phase Leader: Mr Thomas O'Beirne


Woodpeckers Class: Year 1/2

Teacher: Mr Thomas O'Beirne

Support Staff: Mrs Shiren Parvez


Goldfinches Class: Year 1/2

Teacher: Miss Saadiya Patel

Support Staff: Mrs Hamida Desai


Kingfishers Class: Year 1/2

Teacher: Miss Holly Collier

Support Staff: Miss Laura Hindle


Neuro Diversity Leader

Mrs Tracey Ibitoye


LKS2 Team

Phase Leader: Mrs Hannah Bull


Harriers: Year 3/4

Teacher: Mrs Farhana Desai

Support Staff: Mrs Gill Watt


Falcons: Year 3/4

Teacher: Miss Chelsea Carr

Support Staff: Mrs AnnaMarie Tegland


Kestrels: Year 3/4

Teacher: Mrs Hannah Bull

Support Staff: Mrs Aamina Darsot, Mrs Saeeda Desai


UKS2 Team

Phase Leader: Mr Steve McLoughlin

Hawks: Year 5

Teacher: Mr Elio Lomas

Support Staff: Mrs Maria Wood


Ospreys: Year 5

Teacher: Mrs Jane Bidwell

Support Staff: Mrs Shehnaz Bapu


Eagles: Year 6

Teacher: Mrs Vikki Kay

Support Staff:  Mrs Fawzia Desai


Owls: Year 6

Teacher: Mr John Moore

Support Staff: Mrs Linda Cooper


Site Team:

Site Supervisor: Mr Martin Finley

Cleaner: Mrs Tracey Karagoz

Cleaner: Mrs Bibi Patel

Cleaner: Mrs Farida Ibrahim

Cleaner: Mrs Farhana Patel


Welfare Team

Mrs Shenaz Patel - Lunchtime Leader

Mrs Salma Patel

Mrs Farida Patel

Mrs Firoza Patel

Mrs Farida Ibrahim

Mrs Farida Adam

Mrs Neha Panchal

Mrs Shaheen Vaez

Mrs Nasira Dalal

Mrs Najrana Patel