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Curriculum Statement


Learning at Frenchwood

Who we are...

Our motto, The Frenchwood Family - Together We Grow, expresses the strength of our community and our determination to offer the best opportunities for our children to achieve success.

Frenchwood Community Primary School is an exciting place to be, for our children and the adults working alongside them. The diversity of our community is a real strength of our school and gives daily opportunities to practice the values, such as tolerance, kindness and hope, that are so important to us. Many of our pupils and staff are second and third generation of The Frenchwood Family, whilst others are new to us and may only stay during the time their parents attend university or undertake employment in the vibrant, growing city of Preston. What unites us are our shared values as we work in partnership with our families to promote high standards of learning, behaviour and attitudes. As a school, we are dedicated to offering our community their full entitlement to an education that will enable them to have happy and productive futures.

What we are about...


Our caring and talented staff teach the skills our children need to become responsible, resilient members of our community. We also help them to develop an understanding of our rapidly changing world and the confidence to believe that they can achieve their full potential.

The Frenchwood Family – Together We Grow

  • Fair, friendly and fun,
  • Respectful, responsible and reliable,
  • Enthusiastic, and encourage everyone to excel,
  • Nurturing, and aware of our individual needs,
  • Confident, collaborative, creative and courageous,
  • Hardworking, honest, happy, helpful and hopeful,
  • Welcoming, wise and willing to learn from our mistakes,
  • Optimistic, and open to opportunities,
  • Open-minded and tolerant of the views and beliefs of others,
  • Determined, dedicated, different but equal!



Our children learn to read using the Read Write Inc scheme.  English and Maths lessons are timetabled to take place daily in the morning, and other subjects are taught throughout the week, some linked to a theme, others as standalone lessons.

We aim to create classes that are balanced in respect of age, gender and ability.  Our Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 classes have mixed age groups (N/R, 1/2, 3/4), enabling pupils to spend two years with the same class teacher.  This reduces the number of transitions within a school career, which is particularly supportive of pupils who join school later than Foundation Stage, are newly arrived from overseas or have additional needs, e.g. attachment disorder, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders.

Read Write Inc Home Learning

The National Curriculum

Pupils in KS1 and KS2 are expected to learn the core and foundation subjects below (click the links to see the programmes of study).

Core subjects

Foundation subjects

We also follow the Lancashire scheme of work for Religious Education.