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This half term we have been looking at the artist Hundertwasser. We have had a go at creating our own pieces of art work inspired by the artist. Take a look at the pictures and decide which of these is your favourite.


Happy International Women's day. 
Today Woodpeckers discussed the importance of International Women's day and we created some beautiful posters. Here are a few below. 


This week in class we have been learning about anti-bullying. We have been thinking about how we are all different and that we should be kind and tolerant of one another. To show our differences we coloured in odd socks!



Today we have been learning about the pirate Sir Francis Drake. We watched a video and thought about whether he was good or bad. We then used a picture from the Spanish Armada, where Sir Frances Drake defeated the Spanish, to paint fire on a ship. We learnt to mix paint to create different coloured flames.


Today we have been using 'paintz app' to create our own self portraits on the computers.
You can have a go at home by clicking on


All the children in KS1 have been learning about Harvest in their RE lessons. The children and their families in Woodpeckers, Kingfishers and Goldfinches have donated tins, bottles and boxes of food and created a Harvest hamper. The Foxton Centre were over the moon to receive all of our generous harvest donations. It is so nice to help others in our neighbourhood. Well done everybody!