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Frenchwood Community Primary School

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Mrs Sazida Desai is our safeguarding governor.

Safeguarding governors are integral liaisons between a school and a governing body. They’re crucial for a number of reasons, including being responsible for:

  • Ensuring a school has an effective safeguarding policy in place.
  • Ensuring safer recruitment practices are put in place.
  • The creation and foreseeing over of abuse allegation procedures.
  • Maintaining a good working relationship between the school they represent, local government bodies and any external organisations, such as charities or child welfare institutions.
  • Promoting safeguarding children training for all school staff and making sure this training is of a high calibre and up-to-date.
  • Ensuring all school policies are focused on the children, considers all possible safeguarding issues and are reviewed on a regular basis.
  • Ensuring that all governors complete safeguarding training.