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Our Values

In summer 2022, we asked Frenchwood children and their families to tell us which values they felt were most important to them. Thank you to everyone who took part.


As a result, we have updated our Frenchwood Family Values to reflect our ever evolving school community. It is important to us that our values are those which we can embody as a whole school, as a staff team and within our learners from EYFS all the way up to Year 6.


The Frenchwood Family – Together We Grow

Members of The Frenchwood Family are ASPIRATIONAL; we develop the skills to be successful citizens of a future that we will be responsible for shaping.

By working and learning in a COLLABORATIVE way, we make the best of all our talents, support each other and develop skills for life.

We are HARD-WORKING; there is no short cut to success.  Through our efforts we build up our skills, confidence and can feel proud of our achievements.

We are KIND to ourselves, to each other and to the environment.

We are RESPECTFUL of ourselves, and other people, especially those with the experience to guide us, such as parents or adults in the school and community. 

It is important to members of The Frenchwood Family that we are WELCOMING to new pupils, families, guests and the wider community; whoever they are, wherever they are from, whatever their beliefs or life experiences.


We consider and discuss how we can show these values in school and in our day to day lives. We explore each value in our whole school assemblies and children are nominated for awards for demonstrating each of our values.