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Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2.  We have three Y3/Y4 classes; Falcons, Harriers and Kestrels.

Social Stories are a social learning tool that supports a safe and meaningful exchange of information for all children to share with their family.

They support communication skills through the use of precise  information about everyday events that your child may find difficult or confusing, but also help a child who may be feeling anxious about a new situation.

Please contact Mrs Ibitoye if you need any help accessing the social stories.


Year 3 & 4 2019-20



Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Sparks Might Fly!

The Great Plague

The Art of Food

Passport to Europe

Water, Water Everywhere


Lead Subjects







Electricity - series circuits, switches, conductors, insulators

A theme in British history beyond 1066 - The Great Plague of 1665

Teeth and the digestive system

Contrasting region in a European country

States of matter

Habitats - grouping and classifying plants and animals

Design and Technology


Art and Design

Design and Technology


Design and Technology

ICT and electrical systems - control and electrical components

Rubbish and recycling - environmental study

Drawing and painting of still life into 3D sculpture

Textiles - seams, stiffening and strengthening, materials and fastenings

Key aspects of rivers

Food - simple savoury food and cooking techniques


Art and Design





Creating - explore, choose, combine and organise musical ideas using an electronic sound source

Drawing developed into printmaking, rotating and translating images


Listening to music from different cultures; experience how music is produced in different ways

Ancient Egypt (including the River Nile)






Art and Design






Abstract painting; relief paintings, large and small scale with texture


Additional Subjects




Art and Design


Art and Design



















Computing - Information Technology (IT), Computer Science (CS), Digital Literacy (DL)

CS - programming / hardware

IT - data handling

IT- graphics and images / modelling and simulation

IT - sound / multimedia

IT / DL - digital research

CS - computational thinking


Additional opportunities for contextual learning and using and applying mathematics linked to the themes.  Lancashire Mathematics Planning should be used for discrete mathematics lessons.



Stories with fantasy settings


Film and playscripts

Fairy tales

Classic poetry

Recount: newspapers

Stories with issues and dilemmas


Novel as a theme

Non-chronological reports

Stories with a theme

Poems with a structure Information booklets

Folk tales


Poems on a theme (optional)



Physical Education



Standalone unit on sound

Pupils should continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills and use them in a range of activities. These must include modified team games, dance, gymnastic, athletic and outdoor and adventurous activities. Lancashire KS2 PE scheme would support children’s learning in PE.

Whenever children are engaged in electronic communication, establish and reinforce messages about using technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.

Spelling and handwriting should be taught discretely.  Refer to the key learning in writing document for progression guidance.

Enjoying Taekwondo!

Trip to Avenham Park. Can you spot the signs?

Science Week competition winners!

Science Week 2019

Golden Mile Challenge 2019

Christ The King Dancing competition