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2022 - 2023

Welcome to Lower Key Stage 2.  We have three Y3/Y4 classes; Falcons, Harriers and Kestrels.

LKS2 Curriculum 

Year 3 & 4Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
InventorsUKWW1Europe and RussiaStone AgeThe Water Cycle


Electrigirl - Novel on a theme.  Turning a comic strip into a story.


Classic Poetry

Enid Blyton linked to Fireworks  Night.


Enchantress of the Sands - Writing the story in a new setting.

Non - Fiction

Information text based on Plants.


Non - Fiction

Newspaper Articles linked to Giants. 


Biographies - 

Authors linked to WW1.



The Dancing Bear

Novel as a theme.


Non - Fiction

Discussion text


Fiction - 

Playscripts - Stone Age Boy


Non - Fiction



Poems - on a theme.


Novel on a theme - Oliver and the Seawigs


Non - Fiction

Explanation Texts - The Water Cycle.


ElectricityPlantsLightWorking Scientifically - Science WeekRocksSolids, Liquids and Gases
ArtArtArt ArtArtArt
 Painting landscapes 



Clay workPainting using water colours
Geography / HistoryGeography / HistoryGeography / HistoryGeography / HistoryGeography / HistoryGeography / History
Looking at famous inventors and their inventionsKey events on the UK time line – past and present. Look at how WW1 changed Britain.                              Map work, locating countries. Links between and across periodsThe Water Cycle
Design TechnologyDesign TechnologyDesign TechnologyDesign TechnologyDesign TechnologyDesign Technology
To make our own inventions S Shadow Puppets To create fossils using clay.