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At Frenchwood, we believe that reading is central to a high-quality education. Our curriculum is designed to facilitate a love and appreciation of reading across a wide range of genres including fiction and non-fiction. We love to nurture children's imaginations which allows them to step into other worlds and cultures; opening up a treasure trove of wonder and joy for curious young minds.



At Frenchwood, we teach early reading and phonics using Read Write Inc. Read Write Inc teaches children to read accurately, fluently and with understanding, to spell, and to write their own compositions. Children are taught to read and spell words using letter sounds and read decodable books at their challenge level. Children are taught the specific skills of writing progressing from mark making and letter writing to writing their own compositions. Read Write inc is taught from the Summer term of Nursery and throughout Key Stage 1. 



Our curriculum focusses on teaching children to communicate fluently and express their ideas and emotions to others. We feel that effective communication skills are essential life skills which we strive to develop in our children. Our fundamental aim is to equip pupils with a thorough understanding of spoken and written English. We ensure they can write clearly, accurately and expressively for a range of contexts, purposes and audiences.



Oracy can be described as a combination of learning to talk and learning through talk. At Frenchwood there is a shared understanding of how talk supports learning and children’s social development. We believe that developing oracy throughout primary education provides our students with vital life skills. We aim to encourage fluent speakers, who are confident to communicate, debate and present in a wide range of situations.