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Spring 1 - Dreams and Goals

Spring 1 – Dreams and Goals


In this half term, children talk about challenges and facing up to them. They discuss not giving up and trying until they have achieved their goal. The children are encouraged to think about jobs that they might like to have when they are older and are taught to associate what they learn now with being able to have the job they want. They also talk about achieving goals and the feelings linked to this.

Key Vocabulary

Dream, Goal, Challenge, Job, Ambition, Perseverance, Achievement, Happy, Kind, Encourage.


In this half term the class about setting realistic goals and how they can achieve them. They discuss perseverance when they find things difficult as well as recognising their strengths as a learner. The children talk about group work and reflect on who they work well with and who they don’t. They also talk about sharing success with other people.

Key Vocabulary

Proud, Success, Achievement, Goal, Treasure, Coins, Goal, Learning, Stepping-stones, Process, Working together, Team work, Celebrate, Learning, Stretchy, Challenge, Feelings, Obstacle, Overcome, Achieve, Dreams, Goals. Realistic, Proud, Success, Celebrate, Strength, Persevere, Difficult, Easy, Learning Together, Partner, Product


In this half term, the class look at examples of people who have overcome challenges to achieve success and discuss what they can learn from these stories. The children identify their own dreams and ambitions and discuss how it will feel when they achieve them. They discuss how it feels when dreams don’t come true and how to cope with / overcome feelings of disappointment. The children talk about making new plans and setting new goals even if they have been disappointed. They talk about facing learning challenges and identify their own strategies for overcoming these, including group work and overcoming challenges together.  The children talk about obstacles which might stop them from achieving their goals and how to overcome these. They reflect on their progress and successes, identify what they could do better next time and talk about the feelings associated with overcoming a challenge.

Key Vocabulary

Perseverance, Challenges, Success, Obstacles, Dreams, Goals, Ambitions, Future, Aspirations, Garden, Decorate, Team work, Enterprise, Design, Cooperation, Product, Strengths, Motivated, Enthusiastic, Excited, Efficient, Responsible, Frustration, ‘Solve It Together’ Technique, Solutions, Review, Learning, Celebrate, Evaluate.

Year  5

In this half term the class talk about their dreams and goals and how they might need money to help them achieve them. They look at jobs that people they know do, they look at the fact that some jobs pay more money than others and reflect on what types of jobs they might like to do when they are older. The children look as the similarities and differences between themselves (and their dreams and goals) and someone from a different culture.

Key Vocabulary

Dream, Hope, Goal, Feeling, Achievement, Money, Grown Up, Adult, Lifestyle, Job, Career, Profession, Money, Salary, Contribution, Society, Determination, Perseverance, Motivation, Aspiration, Culture, Country, Sponsorship, Communication, Support, Rallying, Team Work, Cooperation, Difference.

Year 6

In this half term the class talk about their own strengths and further stretching themselves by setting challenging and realistic goals. They discuss the learning steps they’ll need to take as well as talking about how to stay motivated. The children explore various global issues and explore places where people may be suffering or living in difficult situations – whilst doing this they reflect on their own emotions linked to this learning. The class also talk about what they think their classmates like and admire about them as well as working on giving others praise and compliments.

Key Vocabulary

Dream, Hope, Goal, Learning, strengths, Stretch, Achievement, Personal, Realistic, Unrealistic, Feeling, Success, Criteria, Learning steps, Money, Global issue, Suffering, Concern, Hardship, Sponsorship, Empathy, Motivation, Admire, Respect, Praise, Compliment, Contribution, Recognition.