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Latest PSHE News and Events at Frenchwood


Key stage 1 children have been looking at the changes that happen during our lives, growing from a baby to a toddler and then to a child. Here are our ideas: 

My Happy Mind

We have been learning about how our brain develops and our personal well-being during our 'My Happy Mind' weekly sessions in class. Here is the link to 'My Happy Mind' with how we use it to support our children's mental well-being.


Learning Disability Week

At Frenchwood we value our tolerance of others and how we are all different from one another. We have been learning about Learning Disability Week as part of our weekly Jigsaw assembly. Here is a link to our assembly:


Children's Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week took place between the 7th and 13th February. At Frenchwood we followed the national theme of 'growing together'. Classes took part in our special Jigsaw assembly, here is the link:

We also used this week to think about e-safety and the affects that the online world can have on our mental health. We looked at how to stay safe online and how this can improve our mental health.


Comic Relief - Red Nose Day

To raise awareness and money for Comic Relief, the children at Frenchwood Community Primary School came to school wearing red clothes and brought in a kind donation. In total we raised just over £200, what a fantastic achievement. Throughout the day there were lots of different activities going on in school from watching BBC's live lessons, to decorating our own red nose day biscuits. Here are some pictures of what we got up too. 



RE / ART / PSHE Day 2022

“We have far more in common with each other than that which divides us.” Today the children thought about this quote and what it meant to them. We had class discussions about race, culture, equality, diversity and religion and how it unites us. The children then had free reign to create their own piece of art work to show what this quote meant to them. We have a large display at our new school entrance of some of the amazing work we have created. 



At Frenchwood we celebrate our school as a family. At Frenchwood we welcome pupils from many different backgrounds and experiences. This is what makes our school special and unqiue. Our motto ‘The Frenchwood Family – Together We Grow’ is at the heart of our Personal, Social, Health and Relationships education. We use the Jigsaw programme to teach discreet weekly lessons on themes across school: ‘Being Me In My World’ ‘Celebrating Differences’ ‘Dreams and Goals’ ‘Healthy Me’ and ‘Relationships’. We use these lessons to share our thoughts and feelings. While our Jigsaw chime gives us an opportunity to reflect and develop mindfulness. We join together in a weekly Jigsaw assembly which allows further opportunities to celebrate ourselves and each other.

At Frenchwood we are dedicated to developing pupils into members of the community with happy and productive futures.

The Subject Leader

My name is Mr Thomas O'Beirne and I am delighted to hold the role as PSHE subject leader. As a member of the school for nearly 3 years I have been proud to guide the school through the new Government statutory guidance for the subject. At Frenchwood we have developed an exciting currciulum that allows our pupils to learn about themselves both on a personal level but also how they fit into our school community and the world around them. I am passionate about mindfulness and love at Frenchwood how we develop learners that are able to think and reflect on themselves and each other. 


PSHE at Frenchwood - Progression

Please see Appendix A in the Relationships and Sex Education Policy