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Our Learning in EYFS


In maths this week we have been learning our bonds to 5- two numbers that make the number 5.
The children have been using their fingers, some gloves, cubes and even play dough to support them in remembering them. Some children have now moved onto learning their number bonds to 10. We are very proud of their attitude to learning, they have all shown great enthusiasm and eagerness to get better at developing different skills!

We have been learning all about doubling this week. We used mirrors to help us understand what doubling is. Can you practice doubles to 10 by using mirrors at home to help you?


This week, the children in EYFS have been listening to the story of ‘The very hungry caterpillar’. We then all made our own caterpillar using cucumbers and tomatoes and the best bit was eating them at the end! Very fresh and juicy!

Over the last couple of weeks we have been reading and exploring traditional tales. When we walked into our classroom on this particular day, we found that our kitchen was a crime scene! Who could have caused this mess?
After exploring the scene and finding some interesting evidence, we read the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.
We then retold the story using props and objects from around the room. The children were amazing at acting out the different characters and putting on different voices for each of them.



We have had a busy couple of weeks in EYFS. We have been planting potatoes, cress and sunflowers.
Our potatoes have been planted in a dark sack which has a flap so we can see the roots growing when they start to show! How exciting! We have planted a sunflower each too, they are busy growing tall on our window ledge.
We hope the cress got home safely and you all got to try some of it. The children have learnt a lot about planting and about how plants grow now. 


The weather has taken a turn and the wind has really picked up. Today we decided to create our own kites using card and string before going out to our playground to watch them fly around. We had a great afternoon.