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The Governing Body actively encourages community use of the school buildings.   However, it reserves the right to refuse any lettings it may choose.

The hirer must be willing to meet with school officials and provide details of their aims and objectives.

The Governing Body will ensure that the school budget does not subsidise non-school activities and that all costs are recovered.

Charges will be reviewed annually by the Governing Body.

Each hirer using the school will be required to nominate a contact person.  Such a person is deemed to be in charge and able to investigate any difficulties which may arise.

The Governing Body will determine if a nominated person from school is required on site when the premises are being used.  If not, a responsible person must be on call. 

A Letting Application / Indemnity Form must be completed by all applicants.  A signed copy of the application form, if approved by the school, will be returned to the hirer.  For long term lettings application forms will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Any hirer that uses the school must be adequately insured (with a minimum of £5m public liability insurance) and insurance documents must be attached to the application.

All hirers must comply with health and safety legislation.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that DBS checks have been undertaken where appropriate.

Arrangements for the payment of each letting will be made in advance with the hirer concerned.

Smoking is not allowed on the premises in line with school policy.

Alcoholic Drinks

No alcohol is to be consumed on the premises at any time.







Appendix B


1          Name of Organisation:                               __________________________________________


            Name of Applicant:                        __________________________________________


            Address:                                                __________________________________________




            _________________________________ Telephone:    __________________                                   __________


2          Name and address of person to be billed if not same as 1:   __________________       _________


___________________________________________________________________                               ____                                                                                     


Details of premises required:


(a)  Name of School:            _________________________                              ______________________________


(b)  Date(s) required:            _____________________________________                              __________________


___________________________________________________________                                      _______________


_________________________________________________________________                                      _________



(c) Accommodation Required.


                                                                                                                                                                                       Purpose for which accommodation/premises are required:        _________________                         _____



­­­­­______________                                                                                                                                   ________ 


If the letting is of a commercial nature, please supply details: ___________                        ___________


(b)  Will the general public be admitted?                               



(c)  Details of admission charges:          _______________________________                                  _______


Is copyright music to be performed?                                                                          


Will the use of a piano be required?                                  


Approximate number of people attending:                                



Do you intend to use/bring into the premises any additional electrical equipment?                        

(See note 6 below)







Memorandum of Agreement and Indemnity to be completed for all applications:


In consideration of the Governors and/or Lancashire County Council granting me/us the use of the aforementioned premises, I/we agree to pay to the Governors or to the County Council the prescribed hire charge and to replace or pay to the Governors or the County Council the cost of making good any damage caused to the premises by me/us.

It is further acknowledged and agreed that the Governors and/or the County Council give no warranty of the suitability of the premises for the use to which I/we intend to put them and I/we hereby agree to indemnify the Governors and/or the County Council, their officers, servants and agents against all actions, costs, claims and demands arising out of any accidents and/or loss which may occur on the said premises during their use by me/us provided that the same is not due to any negligence, omission or default of the Governors and/or the County Council, their officers, servants or agents.

Under no circumstances shall the permanent electrical installation be altered or otherwise interfered with. Permission for HIRERS to erect any temporary wiring for specific function or purpose shall only be carried out on approval by both the Lancashire County Property Group and the Licensing Section of Lancashire County Council. Further I/We undertake to check and inspect the facilities to ensure that they are clear and free of hazardous material, debris and spillages prior to use.

It is further acknowledged and agreed that I/we will indemnify the Governors and/or the County Council in respect of all actions, costs, claims and demands arising out of any breach of copyright as defined in the Copyright Act 1956, or under any other enactment in that behalf for the time being in force in respect of any performance of any literary, dramatic, or musical work, which takes place or which is given while the said premises are being used by me/us, our servants or agents.

I/We hereby undertake to provide at my/our own expense during the period hire of any swimming pool suitable and sufficient lifeguard personnel as based on the guidance of the Health and Safety Executive and as detailed in the “Instructions for the Use of Swimming Pools”.

(The hirer should produce evidence that this indemnity is protected by adequate insurance cover).



Signature _____________________________________________________________


Designation _____________________________________________________________


Date   _____________________________________________________________





This application for the use of school premises is acceptable to us:


The Governors have determined that this will be:-


  • A free letting


  • A chargeable letting at a cost of  £…………………………………    per hour/session


Lettings income will be collected by the school on our behalf. 



Signed …………………………………………………………………………………………… (Headteacher)