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Welcome to the 2022-2023 academic year at Frenchwood!

Welcome to the 2022-2023 academic year at Frenchwood!


Hopefully, everyone has had a safe and happy summer spending time with family and friends and are looking forward to coming to school tomorrow.  The last two Septembers we have had to manage government Covid restrictions, but this year we can make a fresh start and just focus on our learners and their needs.


Frenchwood Values


Those of you with access to the Class Dojo will have followed the link to the website and our revamped values:


Members of The Frenchwood Family are ASPIRATIONAL; we develop the skills to be successful citizens of a future that we will be responsible for shaping.


By working and learning in a COLLABORATIVE way, we make the best of all our talents, support each other and develop skills for life.


We are HARD-WORKING; there is no short cut to success.  Through our efforts we build up our skills, confidence and can feel proud of our achievements.


We are KIND to ourselves, to each other and to the environment.


We are RESPECTFUL of ourselves, and other people, especially those with the experience to guide us, such as parents or adults in the school and community. 


It is important to members of The Frenchwood Family that we are WELCOMING to new pupils, families, guests and the wider community; whoever they are, wherever they are from, whatever their beliefs or life experiences.


In the coming weeks we will be asking for your views on our vision statement as we move forward as a school.


In school, on time, everyday!


 Prior to the epidemic we were really proud of the punctuality and attendance of our pupils which had been improving.  Unfortunately, the events of the past couple of years have had a major impact on this, and when we reviewed pupil outcomes at the end of the year it was really clear that those pupils with the best attendance also made the best progress.


To enable our pupils to have the best chance of success in their learning, we have reviewed our attendance policy and have new systems in place. You can read the full policy on our website.


Good attendance is a learned behaviour, and we will be working alongside you as parents to ensure that good habits are embedded early in each child’s education. Although the vast majority of parents and carers have no problem in meeting their responsibility to get their children in school on time every day, there are others who will need help and support.  Pupils at risk of poor attendance will be identified as early as possible by Mrs Hobson, our new Attendance Manager, who will work with each identified pupil and their parents to understand and address the reasons for absence.



Making the best start


  • Help your child to lay out their uniform before they go to bed, so it is ready for the morning.
  • Set off from home in plenty of time (if driving, expect traffic to be busy)
  • Try to walk to school, or use the Park and Stride at least two times every week – a fun and healthy way to start the day.
  • The doors open at 8.45 am– we welcome all our children at this time. Breakfast club starts at 7.30 am.
  • The doors close at 8.55 am – if your child arrives after this time, you will need to come in to the office and sign them in.
  • The registers close at the end of the first session – 9.10 am.  Please note that anyone arriving after this time will be marked as an unauthorised absence for the morning session.


How can we help?


Next Thursday (8th September) there is a ‘Parent Pop In’ after school when you can visit your child’s classroom and have an informal chat with staff.  In the meantime, please contact the office if you need help or advice. 




Attendance Policy -

Park and Stride -

Uniform -

Reporting absence – Ring 01772 253244 (Press Option 1) to leave a clear message before 9 o’clock